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Together we will look at all the current stressors in your life.  I can provide referral to nutritionists, psychiatrists, personal trainers, lawyers, accountants, and others that can assist you in these aspects of your life in addition to our therapeutic relationship (wrap-around therapy).  Some clients I currently see do not want to be seen entering a counseling center or therapy practice. Arrangements are made then to meet in more discreet locations.

We can also discuss phone or Skype 'check-ins' in addition to our regular sessions, or in place of. Particularly for those that travel extensively for business and others that are away at school for most of the year.

I am a provider with several major insurance companies and I also see clients on a fee for service basis. In that case you may want to check with your health insurance provider to determine if they will reimburse you part or all of the costs for treatment. As a provider I can issue a statement that can be included in the medical expense deduction section on the annual income tax forms. 

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